Arts Ministry, Jinja

We praise God for giving us safety as we traveled to Jinja (May 29th, 2014) to be with fellow arts ministry friends at HEAL, Uganda. What a pleasure it was to be with TJ McCloud and his team of artists from, Lipscombs University, USA in Jinja!

The team of seven included artists, photographers, muscians, and others. Their objective was to teach abandoned women life skills. We learnt much as we watched them, in action writing lyrics and actually composing fresh with the women. T.J and Ashley, who are both musicians, with the women, wrote two songs in both Luganda and English. All l the songs were written from scratch.

In the afternoon, TJ and Corey, a DJ and Music producer, worked with Street Children at Child Restoration to come up with Rap lyrics. Psalm Project Africa observed and participated in the exercise of helping the kids write down thier stories or anything else they wanted to say. In the end, the raps were recorded by Corey as the kids had fun exercising their talent. It was a pleasure to explain, teach, and sing with the kids Psalm 24, “The Lord is My life”.


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