Sing Psalms II, Christmas Season

Dear friends!

We are delighted to inform you that our second collection of Psalms is in the process. The recording sessions have already started. Just like on our first Album, we sall on anyone who feels they have either of the follolwing skills to be part of this project if they so wish: the ability to write music, arrange lyrics, and play african instruments. A list of the psalms that we’ve already worked on will be made available to you soon so that you can help pick new ones by either suggesting, arrange lyrics, or writting songs.

Equally important is the fact that we woud like to include particular African styles. If you are a singer/songwriter or your are familiar with music from Nigeria (WestAfrica), Democratic Republic of Congo (French speaker), Ethiopia, Eritrea, and SouthSudan (conversant in Arabic particularly), we would like to work with you to write songs from the various major cultural musical genres represented there. Considering that the targeted styles and languages may require singers with past experience with the languages and the genres, we would like to call upon you to support the Psalm Project Africa by giving us a few hours for studio recording coming soon.

Sing Psalms is a collection of psalms set into traditional and less traditional African music. Sing Psalms is produced by Psalm Project Africa, a program of the Reformed Student Organisation, Kampala. We at Psalm Project Africa believe that psalms are for singing. The psalms have inspired generations of believers. They have relevance for the Christian life. There are psalms for every occasion of life and for every spiritual condition. The psalms carry the longing of the human soul. They are part of Gods’ inspired Word. So, let’s sing them more often in our African churches.

We believe that Today’s generation can counter a growing trend in many churches of singing shallow songs, whether they are borrowed from other cultures or local compositions. We believe that it is possible to revive the centuries-old African culture of singing content (Scripture, in this case).

Psalm Project Africa will be delighted to share with you the music and the ideas through workshops and featurng in your programs. You can plan to make the singing of Psalms a feature on your 2014’s Christmas programs. We have songs that can be featured in your normal church worship program, or in a concert, if you plan to have one this end-year season.

Please get in touch with us and find out how your musical talent can be used for the benefit of the Church in this century, or how your partnership can advance the work of the Kingdom in this area of music. We wish you God’s blessings as you prepare for the Christmas celebrations and for a new year.


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