Workshops and Music Notation project.

Psalm Project Africa Has now been in action spreading the message of singing God’s word, the Psalms, in the church in Africa. Our recent workshops have been organized and held at different churches and institutions, particularly at Kanungu Bible Church and African Bible University. The workshops have so far gathered around 150 participants and above on different occasions. Most of the participants were singers, choir members, youth leaders, and church leaders from various Churches.

Posing for a picture at the end of the first Psalm Project Africa. September, 2011

At African Bible University, we have graciously been given the opportunity to work with the University choir during the second semester of the 2014-2015 academic year. Through thought-provoquing discussions, we have covered such questions as, “what is the worship service?” “What’s the biblical view of music in the worship service?” “What’s the place of intertainment and concert music in the worship service?” etc. We have also been able to adapt some psalms to existing popular tunes and to sing them during our weekly sessions. We are thankful to the Leadership of African Bible University for their continued support to the vision of Psalm Project Africa

#rehearsing a song during a worshop session at Kambuga Bible Church, Western Uganda.

Psalm Project is thankful to God that he has continually enabled the participants to write and sing songs from his word, The Psalms. Psalm Project will be travelling to Lira, Gulu, and Arua in the coming months for workshops. We would like to come to your congregation to share with you what God has enabled us to do so far. We would also like to partner with you in this endeavour of putting Psalms into music for the African Church. Please drop a message here if you would like us to come to your church, or to support the work of Psalm Project Africa in your area. We would like to work with you to put as many Psalms as possible in music that can be used during congregational worship especialy. If you have good knowledge of african hymns commonly sung in your congregation, or if you are able to write hymns, please partner with us for this purpose.

singing Psalms at the ClubHouse

Psalm Project also wishes to work with any professional musician who has the skill to notate music. Besides putting the music on electronic media for record and transmission, our purpose is to have all the songs notated and compiled into a hymnal. We will be glad to work with you. May God bless you as you consider partnering with Psalm Project Africa.


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